Ricardo Delarue speaks at IBEC, Rio de Janeiro about the 'Technical Evaluation for Making Claims'

December 09, 2014

Systech Director for Latin America, Ricardo Delarue, has given another of his regular talks at the Brazilian Institute of Cost Engineering [IBEC] in Rio de Janeiro. The talk, which was entitled “the Technical Evaluation for Making Claims” was held at the IBEC auditorium and attracted a strong cross-section of industry representatives.

In his talk Ricardo stressed the importance of project records and gave an insight on record keeping techniques. He then explained how the records can help to prove cost and time entitlements and how binomial cause and effect is used for making the technical evaluations. He concluded with an overview of the various delay and forensic analysis methodologies.

Ricardo [on the right] is photographed with Mauro Bez who has recently joined the Systech team in Brazil.

If you would like to learn more about the talk, please contact Ricardo at He will also be able to provide details on his upcoming talks and arrange for you to receive a video of his previous seminar about managing scope changes.