Systech International Develops Smart Phone Applications for Contractors

April 24, 2013

Systech International is preparing a suite of smart phone applications to support contractor’s project teams with their day to day activities. The first product in our suite is the Site Diary App.

The site diary is the definitive day by day account of site activity however all too often it is either incomplete or not maintained at all with the result that there are no contemporaneous records on which the contractor can rely to support additional entitlements or to explain why the project is in delay.

Imagine therefore the benefit of a voice activated site diary smart phone app which is not only easy to use whilst moving around on site, but also offers the user prompts on the information to record and has a cloud based storage back-up.

The App has just completed an on-site test with one of our clients and the feedback is good.


- Time stamped contemporary record to support variation and claim entitlements

- Real time project reporting allowing timely management actions

- Voice activated to aid site use

- Add photo to support report

- Prompts information to record – key project issues, critical path activities

- Follow up actions by a remote or office based team which can support a number of projects

- Secure cloud based information storage within structured database to facilitate easy retrieval – no more problems of information being lost when staff leave a project or when a laptop goes missing

- Fully BIM compatible with open source protocol output which can interface to any database


To find out more and to arrange a demonstration please contact:

Click here to view our video about the Site App