Systech International proudly supports Tomas Dirse’s involvement with The Prince’s trust as newly appointed Young Ambassador

September 23, 2014

Tomas Dirse has recently achieved the rewarding title of Young Ambassador for The Prince’s Trust, to which, he was employed through the trust by Systech earlier this year. For Tomas this is a once in a life time opportunity, which comes through hard work, perseverance and as Tomas puts it…Luck.

With his recent induction and public speaking training to become a Young Ambassador, Tomas was keen to make his role official and to hit the ground running, to become a role model to young people and help those realise and fulfil their potential. Even before his official status he has balanced his professional career at Systech whilst helping others with theirs.

Tomas is keen to be involved in order to increase the statistic of 69% of young people on the programmes gaining further employment, education and training.

There are many tasks that Tomas will have to undertake as a Young Ambassador. Primarily attending two events each month, one event Tomas hopes that he will be attending is the Black Tie Dinner in New York, where he will be publicly speaking to inspire others. Other events will be various meetings and conferences, which may include the opportunity to a bake off with a professional chef.

Tomas’s other tasks will be as rewarding; running consultations to help boost young people’s confidence whilst guiding them on career development and running focus groups for research in to younger people. He will also have responsibility sitting on the judging panel for Prince’s Trust awards or recruitment panel for any potential staff and volunteers. Not only that, he will also be helping alongside the development in programmes by taking part in discussions.

One of Tom’s interests whilst being a Young Ambassador is to discuss a key passion of his with those in the houses of parliament. He wants to help influence the education of young people in England today.

Being a Young Ambassador will last a year. Tom feels very proud of himself to be able to have attained the Young Ambassador title and hopes that after his year has ended to stay involved with the Prince’s Trust with volunteering during his free time away from the Systech offices.

Systech has been involved with The Prince’s Trust with its committed membership to the newly re-launched Built Environment Leadership Group (BELG) since 2006. BELG is a group formed by leading construction firms and industry experts to help fund and facilitate The Prince’s Trust ‘Get into Construction’ initiative across the UK, to help further tackle youth unemployment and industry skill shortages, as well as inspiring the next generation of professionals to work within the built environment


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