The Brighton i360 hits a major milestone

June 17, 2015

The Brighton i360 reached a major milestone last week when a 66m barge pulled up to the sea front from Holland with 6 of the 17 steel cans, three sections of the jacking towers and the counterweight.

On the 11th June, Brighton became a hive of activity with the crowds gathering throughout the day to watch as the first section of the jacking tower and 3 steel cans were lifted onto the beach by the 100m high crane. The day was celebrated by both the community and the project team with a live band and a champagne reception at one of the seafront restaurants overlooking the construction site.

The following day brought another successful day of unloading an additional 3 steel cans and another part of the jacking tower onto the beach before the weather was due to turn. Each lift took around 30 minutes to an hour so being on time was crucial to complete the lifting. The Project Manager, Neal Mardon, successfully coordinated the event with accuracy after months of preparation and numerous meetings.

The project is very complex with one of the main challenges being the restriction of space on the construction site. The project team has been using the Systech Site Diary App to prepare project records and project progress, which has positively improved the communication and coordination between the three parties, Hollandia, POMA and Mackley.

The work doesn’t stop there! The skyline of Brighton will drastically change this week with the first steel can being lifted over the footpath from the beach to the construction site to begin building the tower. The jacking tower will allow the site team to build the tower by placing each steel can in the jacking tower, lifting it up, and then fixing it to the next section. The remaining cans and 4th part of the jacking tower will arrive next week for beach landing 2 (23rd-25th June). It is an exciting time for Brighton.