If a claim cannot be agreed, Systech International can advise on the best route to achieve settlement either through traditional or alternative dispute resolution [ADR] methods.

We have established a Disputes Panel, that offers early and appropriate advice to allow informed and timely decisions along with the relevant and credible strategies to maximise outcomes. The panel comprises senior Systech personnel who have specialist expertise within a particular market sector or form of contract. Members of the panel include staff who are registered Arbitrators, Adjudicators and Mediators. 

Systech International can resolve disputes through negotiation, adjudication, mediation, expert determination and arbitration. All tribunal representation benefits from our global experience combined with our specific knowledge of the region where the dispute has arisen or is being prosecuted.

Our staff have international arbitration expertise under the ICC and other local jurisdiction rules and have served on dispute adjudication boards. We are well placed to advise clients at the outset of a project on strategies to avoid disputes or, if a conflict has arisen, how it can be best resolved.

Disputes are often complex and we are able to use our visualisations expertise to demonstrate the main issues pictorially to aid communication to key decision makers.

Our dispute resolution services are supported by Systech Solicitors and offer a unique single source solution and the benefit of information privilege and enforcement of decisions.