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19 May 2020

Cash is King

by Paschal Walsh, UK Regional Director - UK

The construction industry is credit-heavy and complex, a very dangerous combination that often leads to contractors not getting paid on time and/or not receiving what they are due. With the works being carried out on credit, coupled with long and convoluted payment chains, there are many opportunities for money to fall through the cracks. However, with good housekeeping, efficient cash management and new government legislation, it is possible for contractors to protect and enhance their cash position.

06 May 2020

Systech training…your route to improved staff and project performance

by Geoff Ansell, Director, Global Marketing and Training - UK

We help our clients improve their commercial and contractual standards through targeted and focused training given by senior members of our consultancy team with hands-on knowledge of the topic. The training allows our clients to adopt a preventative approach on projects, ensuring that the obligations and risks of a scheme are fully understood and that

05 May 2020

MillChris Developments Ltd v Waters [2020] 4 WLUK 45

by Paschal Walsh, UK Regional Director - UK

This is the first judgement to address the impact of the COVID-19 health crisis on the process of carrying out an adjudication. This judgement indicates the approach the Technology and Construction Courts will take when deciding on challenges to adjudication proceedings under the present circumstances.

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