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High impact presentations, video and apps to help contractors communicate key claims, dispute resolution and legal messages and win bids produced through our In-house Visualisations team. 

Systech provides ground breaking communication solutions to ensure that your message is delivered effectively to the key decision maker. This is a powerful tool which can differentiate you from your competitors or convince the opposition party on the strength of your case.

  • Innovative communications tool
  • In-house developed
  • Animations, video and graphics to demonstrate key strengths of a claim or dispute to decision makers
  • Clear demonstration of complex issues
  • Support to experts giving testimony
  • Non-confrontational
  • Proven negotiation aid
  • Use of project records and evidence
  • Admissible in tribunal


What our clients say

“90% of disputes where a Systech visualisation is used reach early settlement”

“The visualisation accelerated the dispute resolution process and we therefore avoided significant legal costs”

“A Systech visualisation is extremely cost effective”

“Having seen the visualisation, the opposing party quickly realised the strength of our case and this brought them to the negotiating table”

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