Richard Dumper
29 JAN 2020

Develop your career at Systech – how one of our recruitment team retrained to become a project planner

At Systech, we are always keen to develop our staff and encourage them to learn new skills. Richard Dumper, who until recently was in our recruitment team, has retrained and is now working on projects as an Assistant Project Planner.

Here is what he has to say about his change of career:

Having joined Systech in 2014 as an internal recruiter I could not have imagined how my career would change. With my interest in how things are built, I welcomed the opportunity to learn about the construction industry and was instantly impressed by the complex and wide ranging services Systech provided. I found it all very engaging, and it enabled me to appreciate the many roles required on projects, the commercial, contractual and legal aspects and the variety of sectors.

It was at this point I realised I had the construction bug and that I wanted to change my career and move into a consultancy role within Systech, however I knew that I would have to learn and work hard to make this ambition a reality. I met with the MD to discuss my plans and he highlighted that the first step would be obtaining a relevant academic qualification whilst in parallel Systech would provide mentoring and training to develop me as a consultant. Furthermore, the close team mentality within Systech enabled me to discuss my plans with other senior managers who were all pleased to offer help and guidance.

With my inquisitive nature as to the “how’s and why’s” I opted to take an engineering degree, which comprised of two stages. Firstly a HND in Construction Management, where the studies had a very practical approach to develop industry specific knowledge with topics such as structural analysis and estimating for construction. The second, a B-Eng top-up degree at the Open University which took a more theoretical approach to the industry with topics such as project management and nano technology.

Having now completed my 4 years of study, my plan has succeeded! I recently started as an Assistant Planner, working alongside senior planning consultants who provide me with mentoring and share best practice as well as helping me to appreciate the technical and commercial aspects. So far I have been involved with preparing progress reports and as-built programme on two projects, a data centre and a fire station, as well as supporting one of our forensic planners with a delay analysis.

Although I have just started in my new role I feel confident I have made the right choice and I look forward to further developing my new career with the continued support from Systech.

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Having joined Systech in 2014 as an internal recruiter I could not have imagined how my career would change.

Richard Dumper
Assistant Project Planner