100 days in Calgary - Nikita Brunetta

Time has flown by! It has now been 100 days since I moved from Toronto, Ontario to Calgary, Alberta. Although I relocated within the same country, I had to prepare as there’s a four hour flight and two hour time difference between the provinces.

First impressions
Calgary is picturesque, with its impressive mountain scenery. Having spent the last four years in a major Canadian city, it felt like a breath of fresh air upon arriving in my new home, Calgary.

What is your role?
I work on the largest infrastructure project in Calgary’s history as a Commercial Advisor for the Owner.

The workload has been significantly different to my previous roles in Ontario. Since joining the team, I helped prepare the Request for Proposal (RFP) documentation for the procurement of the Delivery Partner and I am now working on the appointment of the Development Partner.

Work challenges during this period
If there are no challenges, then there are no opportunities to grow!

Has Systech assisted you?
Systech has been very supportive and helped me with the relocation.

Expectations vs. reality
I didn’t know what to expect as I’d never visited Alberta before. I’ve been with Systech since 2018, and within that time I’ve relocated twice so I had experienced a transition within the company before.

I embarked on this exciting and new opportunity with trust, knowing the level of support I would receive from the company. The reality of the transition has been as positive as I’d hoped it would be. Additionally, the client has been welcoming and receptive to my work.

Did you have any personal challenges with relocating?
The only personal challenge I had was relocating my family, particularly my daughter who was 9-months old at the time! It was great to have Systech on my side during this time.

How do you manage work-life balance and what do you do in your spare time?

It’s important to me to maintain a healthy work-life balance especially with having a toddler as it can be stressful at times (which I’m sure many will identify with!). Since I returned from maternity leave, Systech has provided nothing but support with the transition back into work.

In my evenings and on the weekends, I enjoy spending time exploring Calgary. The city is approximately an hour away from the Canadian Rocky Mountains, which are absolutely stunning. I’ve been on numerous day trips with my family to Banff to hike and enjoy the town beneath the mountains.

Opportunities this project is bringing to your professional growth
Since joining the project I have been exposed to senior level discussions and decision making which has been great for the advancement of my professional growth, knowledge and skills.

How is the new organization work culture?
Many people within the organization have been on the project for years and have vast knowledge on many areas. The team is aligned on what is best for the project and its completion. The project has a positive and inclusive work culture which cultivates an environment for success and continued development.