A day in the life

Learn more about our staff, the work they have carried out, the projects they have been involved with and how their careers have developed since joining us.


Susanna Truong, Solicitor, UK

We talk to Susanna Truong, one of our solicitors, about the wide range of projects she has been exposed to, working across multiple countries and how her career has progressed since joining Systech.

Paddy Ruane - Associate Director, Ireland

Paddy Ruane is an Associate Director who has relocated with us to his home country of Ireland, having previously worked for us in Australia and Canada. Paddy gained his RICS Chartership whilst with us and has multi-sector experience including rail and highways.

Jack Brennan - Contracts/Commercial Manager, USA

Jack is a contracts/commercial manager working in our Americas region, who is currently supporting a global rail solutions provider on projects in Boston and San Francisco.

William Garcia - Paralegal, Australia

William is an Australian-based paralegal who was recently awarded a training contract with Systech Law to be a trainee solicitor of England and Wales. 

Arden Cho - Paralegal, UK

Arden Cho is a paralegal based in Manchester with experience covering contentious matters such as dispute resolution via adjudication and non-contentious contract drafting.

100 Days in Calgary - Nikita Brunetta

Nikita gives an insight into her first 100 days after moving from Toronto, Ontario to Calgary, Alberta.

Iftekar Alom - Associate Director, UK

Iftekar is an Associate Director, based in Newcastle upon Tyne in the UK, however he work on projects throughout the world.

Sean Lal - Senior Commercial Advisor

Sean Lal is based in Toronto and is a qualified solicitor in the provinces of Ontario (Canada) and New York (US) with more than 10 years of experience in construction commercial / contracts management.

Robert Wojtkowicz - Senior Construction Advisor, Canada

Robert is a Senior Construction Advisor who is currently supporting the client delivery body on one of the major subway extension projects being constructed in Toronto.

Andrea Corso - Contracts Manager, Canada

Andrea Corso, who joined Systech in Brazil before relocating to Canada, gives an insight into her first 6 months with the business.

Alan Page - Senior Planner and Delay Analyst, UK

Alan Page, our London based Senior Planner and Delay Analyst, gives an insight into his first year at Systech.

Phil Garlick - Associate Director, UK

Phil is an Associate Director and has been with the business for nearly 10 years. He is a contracts specialist with responsibility for managing assignments and client liaison. Whilst he is based in the UK, he also works across our global project portfolio, with his current role being on an infrastructure project in Canada. 

Frederico Almeida - Construction Planner, Brazil

Our latest Day in the Life story centres around Frederico Almeida, a construction planner and expert witness who has over 24 years forensic delay analysis and scheduling experience.

Kelly Paine - Associate Director, Sydney

Kelly joined Systech 5 years ago and has worked with us on major projects in Dubai, Doha, Johannesburg, Yokohama, Ho Chi Minh City, Hong Kong and Sydney.

Toby Tyers - Forensic Delay Analyst, Canada

Toby Tyers is a Forensic Delay Analyst who is currently working on a major capital projects program in Toronto, Canada.

Oliver Greenwood - Director, Melbourne

We focus on Oliver Greenwood in our latest day in the life story. Oliver has been successfully leading our team appointed on the North East Link Project in Melbourne and has recently been promoted to a director.

Rebecca Redhead - Regional Managing Consultant, Yokohama

Rebecca Redhead, a Partner of Systech Law, is the focus of our latest day in the life piece. Rebecca began work with Systech as a recently qualified barrister and has since gone on to work in Singapore, Taiwan, Japan and the UK.

Richard Morris - Head of Expert Services, UK

 Richard acts as an expert witness on time and quantum matters worldwide, advising clients on their disputes, and trying to avoid them in the first place by delivering training and seminars.

Yanis Josephine - Contracts Manager, Canada

Yanis is a Contracts Manager, specializing in post-award site subcontract administration and cost control for large scale international EPC projects. He is currently working on a major transportation project in Montréal, Canada, where he focuses on the management of claims and the prevention of disputes