A day in the life

Learn more about our staff, the work they have carried out, the projects they have been involved with and how their careers have developed since joining us.


Oliver Greenwood - Director, Melbourne

We focus on Oliver Greenwood in our latest day in the life story. Oliver has been successfully leading our team appointed on the North East Link Project in Melbourne and has recently been promoted to a director.

Rebecca Redhead - Regional Managing Consultant, Yokohama

Rebecca Redhead, a Partner of Systech Law, is the focus of our latest day in the life piece. Rebecca began work with Systech as a recently qualified barrister and has since gone on to work in Singapore, Taiwan, Japan and the UK.

Richard Morris - Head of Expert Services, UK

 Richard acts as an expert witness on time and quantum matters worldwide, advising clients on their disputes, and trying to avoid them in the first place by delivering training and seminars.

Yanis Josephine - Contracts Manager, Canada

Yanis is a Contracts Manager, specializing in post-award site subcontract administration and cost control for large scale international EPC projects. He is currently working on a major transportation project in Montréal, Canada, where he focuses on the management of claims and the prevention of disputes

Kelly Paine - Associate Director, Sydney

What's it like working for Systech?

Kelly Paine, one of our Associate Directors based out of Sydney, is the focus of our latest day in the life piece.

Kelly joined Systech 5 years ago and has worked with us on major projects in Dubai, Doha, Johannesburg, Yokohama, Ho Chi Minh City, Hong Kong and Sydney.