Day in the life - Andrea Corso

Andrea Corso, who joined Systech in Brazil before relocating to Canada, gives an insight into her first 6 months with the business.

She is a Contracts Manager and part of our team working on a major transportation project in Montreal.

What work do you do for Systech?

Andrea is a lawyer from Brazil. She has a MSc in International Law and a MBA in Project Management. As a Contracts Manager, she is currently part of our team working on a major transportation project in Montréal, Canada.

What is your typical day?

I like to wake up early in the morning and start my day working out in the gym. I also like to get to the office early and organize my agenda, one day is always different from another.

My role is to ensure that the contractor is complying with the contract, advising on commercial and contractual issues, developing strategies, providing support to the commercial team, and establishing commercial processes and procedures.

What are the interesting aspects of your work?

I enjoy working with people from all over the world in a multicultural environment. When I started with Systech, I was working from my home in Brazil on a project in North America and it was an amazing and pleasant experience reconciling my family environment with my professional routine.

Even though the time difference was only an hour, it was a challenge to get close to co-workers. Now, I am based local to the project it is great to be face to face with my colleagues and the client. I appreciate the challenges of each day and I feel that my work makes a difference.

What are the challenges?

Providing the best solutions and services, my main challenge is to work effectively in a client-facing environment.

What training and support has Systech given you?

Systech has always provided me with all the support I needed to develop my professional activities, including my relocation to Canada.

My manager regularly talks with me about my paths and where I would like to grow personally and professionally, encouraging me to take on new challenges.

What words of advice would you offer someone thinking of working for Systech?

Working for Systech is a unique experience. You need to be flexible, adaptable and always ready to improve your skills, to expand your knowledge and be part of a high performing group of professionals.

What is the culture like?

Systech focuses on employee well-being and provides a good work/life balance in a friendly and multidisciplinary environment.

How has working for Systech helped you achieve your career goals?

Systech takes care of its staff, creating a culture that prioritizes professional and personal development and recognizes that these factors are crucial to an individual’s success. As a result, me and my colleagues are more engaged and motivated at work and life in general.

What makes working for Systech different from the competition?

An international culture based on collaboration, with a wide diversity of opinions and experiences along with an investment in quality technology.

What has been your greatest achievement working for Systech?

I have actively contributed to the success of one of the largest and complex transportation projects in Canada, obtaining the client’s trust and satisfaction.

Tell us about a project where you have learnt a key lesson?

Every project is an opportunity for growth and development, but working remotely with Systech showed me how empathy and communication are key to building relationships between remote and local workers.