A Day in the Life - Iftekar Alom

What is your role with Systech and where are you based?

I am an Associate Director for Systech. I am based in Newcastle upon Tyne in the UK, however I work on projects throughout the world.

Tell us about some of the projects you have worked on?

I have worked on various claims and dispute advisory commissions with Systech and my current role is advising a Canadian government organisation on a cluster of offices that are being refurbished.

Have you worked for Systech in different regions? How was the relocation process?

I re-joined Systech last year after a period of working elsewhere for 9 years. My first Systech stint was mainly spent in the USA and Canada with a short spell in the Middle East. When I moved to the USA, I was in my mid 20’s with a very young family. Naturally, it was very daunting to work in a new location and culture far from home, however Systech made the transition very easy and the in-country senior management were very supportive throughout the relocation process and provided great guidance.

What is your typical day?

I am part of a team working on the Canada project. No two days are the same as new challenges arise frequently which makes the role interesting. Our typical day is spent attending client meetings, discussions via phone or MS Teams advising on complex project changes, claims, procurement and contractual positions.

What are the interesting aspects of your work?

Systech has a wide variety of clients spread far and wide. Working with clients from various locations and sectors is always interesting and to this day my favourite place I’ve been with Systech is Atlanta, Georgia. Atlanta was a lovely place to live, is rich in culture and has excellent weather.

What words of advice would you offer someone who is thinking of working for Systech?

Systech offers great personal and career development opportunities for an ambitious individual. I’ve personally experienced these benefits, working on complex projects and learning from highly skilled individuals with specialist expertise.

What are the challenges?

Continually providing the best solutions and services to clients under challenging situations or scenarios. Challenges can be tight deadlines and complex disputes that can cover events over many years of a project.

What training and support has Systech given you?

The senior managers are always approachable and provide great advice and I am now receiving guidance for my senior management role.

What is the culture like?

It’s a very professional organisation with a personal touch.

What has been your greatest achievement working for Systech?

It was working on a commission in Halifax, Nova Scotia. It was in a challenging location and had many complex issues. There were a number of matters on which the project parties had conflicting and entrenched views. We helped them to focus on the key issues and agree on a settlement without escalation to formal dispute resolution.

Tell us about a project where you have learnt a key lesson

A key lesson I have learnt is that personalities and the culture of a team can make or break a project. I have seen a project fail due to poor focus arising from personality clashes.