Ollie Greenwood

Day in the life - Oliver Greenwood

Why did you join Systech?

Travel! Systech is a global consultancy and this is why I was attracted to the business; offering not only the chance to work in many different areas of Australia, but also around the world! Furthermore, having the opportunity to work on multi-billion-dollar mega projects, seeing their transformation and knowing I was involved is something which appeals to me and that I can be proud of. I don’t think there is any other business that could offer the same variety of opportunities that Systech has.

What was the attraction of working in Australia?

Living in Australia attracted me primarily because of the mixture of city and outdoor lifestyle. Melbourne’s CBD is located 15 minutes from the beach. Nowhere in UK could offer that! The weather in Australia is obviously another bonus – However not always the case in Melbourne another attraction to relocate to.

Australia was the easy transition into the expat lifestyle that wouldn’t necessarily have been the same in other country - this was primarily the culture being like that of the UK and of course the same language! I see Australia as a great starting point on my journey with Systech.

Will you study for any other qualifications?

I gained my MRICS recently and was looking for the next step in my professional development. Systech are sponsoring me through my LLM in construction law and arbitration. I have recently achieved my MCIArb status.

I plan to continue my development and gain FRICS status before I turn 30!

Melbourne Skyline

What work do you do for Systech?

I am an Associate Director working client side on Mega infrastructure Projects. My roles are varied and allows me to work on many different projects in a variety of management roles with a team of Systech Consultants.

This variety allows for extensive learning rather than stagnating in the same role for an extended period, that can often be the case working directly for a main contractor rather than a consultancy.

What is your typical day?

I am an early riser – my alarm goes off at 6:00am and I’m straight down to one of the local group gyms. By 7:00am I am sipping on some of the best coffee in the  world! Trust me its good. I get into the office just around 8am and get involved with my role as the lead costs engineer on one of the largest infrastructure projects in Australia! Depending on the day of the week I may grab a beer with colleagues or go and play five aside with some of the other Systech team - We had our first win recently

Any advice for someone thinking of working for Systech?

Take the leap! Systech has been very supportive with the transition from the UK to Australia. Alongside this there are a huge range of opportunities both in Australia and the rest of the world. Another advantage of Systech is the diverse experience of my colleagues that allows the sharing of good practice between one another.

What social activities have you been involved in?

Within the first day of joining Systech I was invited to join the 5 aside football team, however getting used to playing in 30-degree heat in January is not easy! Systech has also organised some social BBQs, a day at the Races, a visit to the T20 Big Bash and numerous rounds of golf. It’s safe to say there are endless activities to do in Australia and Systech are very supportive in getting the team together when possible. Currently golf is on the top on my list – but I’m hoping to take up cycling shortly!