Day in the life - Robert Wojtkowicz

Robert is a Senior Construction Advisor who is currently supporting the client delivery body on one of the major subway extension projects being constructed in Toronto.

What is your typical day?

My typical workday consists of providing subject matter expert knowledge to the senior leadership team on all aspects of procurement, design, construction and commissioning of the project. I take a key role in discussions on how to proactively resolve project challenges related to tunnel safety, design, construction, schedule, permitting, quality, environmental and commissioning. I also chair various working groups aimed at collaborating with the design build constructor, technical advisors and various other project stakeholders.
Nowadays I am working 2 days a week from the project office and 3 days a week remotely from my home office, which has allowed me to maintain an excellent work life balance. After work I can be found either on the water enjoying my boat or in my recording studio working on music projects.

What are the interesting aspects of your work?

We are constructing a 12m diameter subway tunnel which is going to be the largest diameter transportation tunnel ever built in Canada. 

What are the challenges?

Achieving the project schedule with impacts from COVID-19, union strikes, labour shortages and supply chain impacts. Ensuring all project stakeholders are working collaboratively, focusing on shared goals and contributing to the successful delivery of the project. 

What training and support has Systech given you?

Access to Systech’s vast knowledge base and expertise on the development and implementation of various contract models has been key to providing our client with critical information required to advance the project, including procurement of the stations rail and systems contract through the Progressive Design Build Model.

What words of advice would you offer someone thinking of working for Systech?

Great company and amazing people working on incredible world class infrastructure projects. What are you waiting for?

What is the culture like?

Professional, collaborative and customer service oriented.

How has working for Systech helped you achieve your career goals?

Working for Systech has allowed me the opportunity to contribute my skills, expertise and lessons learned to one of the largest transportation infrastructure programs in North America. Participating in this program has also offered me the opportunity to continue learning key lessons and expanding my skill set and knowledge related to delivering large scale transportation infrastructure projects. As they say, “the road to success is always under construction”.

Tell us about a project where you have learnt a key lesson?

Over my +20yrs in the transportation infrastructure sector I have learned that every successful project requires collaboration and teamwork from all project stakeholders. Owners, designers, constructors and consultants/advisors need to focus on shared goals and work together to achieve critical project metrics such as safety, schedule, budget and quality. This is achieved via stakeholder alignment throughout the project lifecycle and the establishment of a collaborative project culture, championed and fostered top down by senior leadership. By taking this approach, we successfully achieved a key project milestone; having the tunnel boring machine assembled and placed into the launch shaft on schedule.