Toby Tyers

Day in the life - Toby Tyers 

Toby Tyers is a Forensic Delay Analyst who is currently working on a major capital projects program in Toronto, Canada.

What is your typical day?

My typical day starts early as I am supporting a client who is on a two hour time difference ahead of me. My role is to ensure they are utilizing best practices in the production, management and delivery of their scheduled works which requires me to keep in daily contact with the site team to support them with detailed feedback and support.  I carry out regular forensic analysis to identify where the project has been delayed and recommend mitigation options. The analysis also flags potential delays so we can be ahead of the game in suggesting avoidance measures.

What are the interesting aspects of your work?

Being able to travel around the world and work in varied projects. Since I joined Systech, I have worked in Abu Dhabi, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, USA (Texas and Michigan) and Canada (Ottawa and Toronto). I have had the opportunity to work in different sectors such as oil and gas, nuclear laboratories, major light rail transit system, large infrastructure projects and major civils including cable stay bridges.

What words of advice would you offer someone thinking of working for Systech?

Flexibility. If you want exciting and different professional opportunities and challenges and have a thirst for developing your career on international projects then Systech is the place to be.

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What are the challenges?

Working with an international company, it is very important to appreciate the cultural diversities in order to successfully resolve issues and manage conflict.

What training and support has Systech given you?

As part of my current role we are using our in-house developed delay analysis software and it is great to have the author of the software in our team to offer support and advice. I am enjoying working with him to further develop the software and expand ways in which we can offer accurate project information as part of our preventive early warning systems.

What is the culture like?

Teamwork is key and very much promoted within the business. Everyone has a crucial role so being a team player is a must.

How has working for Systech helped you achieve your career goals?

I have had the opportunity to work on mega projects in a number of countries and I am helping to develop delay analysis software that will have very positive outcomes for projects. On a more personal level, I have now relocated to the USA with my family, which has been very exciting for all of us!


What has been your greatest achievement working for Systech?

In my role success is often providing a key nugget of information, that is persuasive in a negotiation. This is particularly rewarding when the nugget is identified quickly so that decisions can be made which keep the project on schedule.

Tell us about a project where you have learnt a key lesson?

Making sure that contractors take ownership for the delays which are their responsibility in real time and working with them on solutions to minimize slippage. What we want to prevent is surprises – claims arising for issues of which we were not aware at the time of their occurrence.