North East Link Project (NELP)

The state of Victoria’s largest road project that will deliver the missing link in Melbourne’s freeway network, connecting the M80 with an upgraded Eastern Freeway. It will cut travel times for the 135,000 vehicles a day using the freeway, remove trucks from local roads and create new walking and cycling paths.






    Contract Management, Scheduling





The project

North East Link, was established by the state of Victoria to deliver the missing link in Melbourne’s freeway network, connecting the M80 with an upgraded Eastern Freeway. It will be a safe and efficient freeway connection for up to 135,000 vehicles a day, linking key growth areas in the north and south-east.

The new freeway connection will:

  • Cut travel times by up to 35 minutes
  • Take 15,000 trucks off local roads a day
  • Deliver more than 25 kilometres of new walking and cycling paths
  • Create more than 10,000 Victorian jobs

North East Link includes:

  • Victoria’s longest road tunnels: three-lane twin tunnels travelling for six kilometres, protecting properties and the sensitive Banyule Flats area
  • Interchanges at the M80 Ring Road, Grimshaw Street, Lower Plenty Road, Manningham Road and Bulleen Road
  • Melbourne’s first dedicated busway with express lanes along the Eastern Freeway from Doncaster towards the city

The idea for a North East Link was first considered in 1929. It is now identified as Victoria's priority road project by Infrastructure Victoria and will be the single biggest investment in road transport infrastructure in Victorian history.

Our role

We have been appointed to provide contract management and scheduling services across a number of the works packages A key aspect of our role is to provide a robust approach to managing cost across the project to ensure that accurate and timely information is provided to allow potential solutions to be considered and effective decisions to be made.

NELP forms part of the MTIA program of works over AUD40bn in value. The projects are technically complex, involving multiple parties and coordination within a live city environment.

Our scope of work covers the full project lifespans including business case development, estimating and cost management.

We are providing leadership and strategic advice to executive management including;

  • Close collaboration between delivery, commercial, contract and schedule teams
  • Early identification of issues that could impact project costs and schedule
  • Accurate assessment of cost to date information and forecasting
  • Estimating and evaluating design solutions
  • Establishment of robust baseline costs and schedule allowing accurate analysis of change
  • Establishing a proactive / dynamic project management process to monitor cost
  • Ensuring the change control procedures are understood by the project team
  • Staff upskilling and workshops on effective cost management and forecasting


“ Very high quality people, enabling
sensational outcomes”

Project Controls Director, North East Link Project, Australia