21ST JUNE 2023

Charley Thomas Long presents at AACEI Conference & Expo 2023 in Chicago

Last Sunday 11 June, our Senior Forensic Delay Analyst Charley Thomas Long, creator of the revolutionary Systech Delay Analysis software, presented at the AACEI Conference & Expo 2023 in Chicago.

The talk attracted a great turnout and a very engaging audience, with a lot of questions at the end. Congratulations, Charley!

In his insightful session, Charley discussed how to update construction schedules using remaining work durations versus using remaining original durations, which is the engine of the Systech Delay Analysis software. Both methods provide profoundly different information which Charley explained using examples.

Thanks to the AACEI for such a great conference organization and the excellent lineup of presentations on cost and project controls.

The Systech Delay Analysis software is an excellent project controls tool which helps identify key activities before they become critical, allowing contractors and owners to implement mitigation measures in advance of delays occurring, saving millions of dollars to construction projects. If delays have occurred, the software also produces Time Impact / Windows / Time Slice / Period Analysis. But unlike other industry software that take a month as the unit of measurement, the Systech Delay Analysis software produces “daily” windows, which is 30 times more accurate and helps clarify common delay claim entitlement and concurrency issues.

For more info, visit our Delay Analysis Software page.

Reach out to Systech for your project planning and delay analysis requirements. We do not simply plan a project; we bring new ideas, fresh thinking and solutions to problems whilst looking for opportunities to de-risk through what-if scenarios.