Systech women's day
08 MAR 2020

International Women's Day at Systech - #eachforequal

Ahead of International Women’s Day, we wanted to focus on the female leaders from within our business and share their journeys in the construction industry. 

Below is a selection of quotes from our leading female figures in the business on working at Systech, opprtunities within the industry and their advice for women looking for a career within construction.

“Systech has provided me with the opportunity to progress my career. I started as a Paralegal and am now a year into my training contract and on my way to achieving my goal of becoming a Solicitor. They have ensured that I have the necessary support and guidance and have exposed me to some of the largest projects in the world. I have the opportunity to present at seminars and discuss some of the most important legal issues in our industry with key clients as well as with my colleagues as part of our internal training programme. The environment throughout the company is inclusive and positive, and I always feel that I have opportunities to grow and develop further.

Whilst the construction industry is still a male dominated environment, I look forward to seeing this landscape change and will endeavour to knock down stereotypes and promote females working within the industry to make this happen with Systech’s support.”

Jaclyn Nelson, Trainee Solicitor

“I started with Systech as Regional Administrator and I am now part of the Business Development team. Systech, as a expanding company, offers plenty of exposure to challenging assignments and sees the potential of its employees, offering support and opportunities to grow in an inclusive environment.

It is exciting to witness an increase of female presence in the construction sector, but there is still much more space to grow for women in this industry. Equality only will come with the involvement of all parties and the elimination of stereotypes.”

Elena Contreras, Business Development Executive

“Over the course of 6 years, Systech has provided me with the training to progress from a paralegal to a qualified solicitor (3 years PQE). However, more than that, I firmly believe that I would not be the person I am today without Systech’s support and mentorship.

Being a female lawyer in the construction industry is not without its challenges. However, at every step of the way Systech has embraced and nurtured my skills as an individual and built my self-assurance that I can tackle any challenge put in front me.

Even in times where I have hesitated myself, Systech has proposed me for responsibilities and roles even above my male counterparts. They work on merit, talent and hard work alone. In my experience, Systech has not simply talked about equality but has implemented it at every opportunity they could.

With Systech’s dedication and commitment to the mentorship and progression of women, I am optimistic for the future of female leaders in the industry.”

Susanna Truong, Solicitor

"I feel confident that women will prevail over remaining inequalities in the near future”

“When I started my career, CEOs, Board Members and Project Managers were invariably men. It was initially a challenge for me to join major project teams as a legal officer but my male colleagues came to realise that they could rely on my advise and their initial reluctance was gradually replaced by trust and respect.

I have seen significant improvements over the years and the number of female senior executive officers and managers has increased tremendously. There are still unfair gaps between genders regarding remuneration and promotion opportunities in particular, but I feel confident that women will prevail over remaining inequalities in the near future”

Catherine Renault, Legal Director