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10 Feb 2020

Top tips for NEC success

by Mark Woodward-Smith, Group Managing Director -

Group Managing Director, Mark Woodward-Smith, provides his top tips for NEC success including some specific tips for NEC4.

04 Feb 2020

FIDIC 2017: a gap in the fully detailed claim procedure?

by Mark A Grimes, Trainee Solicitor - Johannesburg, South Africa

FIDIC’s 2017 suite of contracts features a significantly updated Claims framework. This article examines the time-barring procedures and identifies a gap in the fully detailed Claim time-barring procedure.

13 Jan 2020

Payment Notices – Do You Prepare and Issue Them Correctly?

by Mark Woodward-Smith, Group Managing Director -

Contractors must issue payment notices correctly, not only to ensure their cash flow but also to avoid time consuming disputes which can divert the project team from their delivery objectives. Group Managing Director, Mark Woodward-Smith provides his advice on this business critical topic.

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