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19 Feb 2018

The use of Dispute Boards for International Disputes

by Stephen Rayment, Group Managing Director - Middle East and Africa and Asia Pacific -

"The use of Dispute Boards for International Disputes" History It is virtually impossible to complete a large construction or infrastructure project without any disputes arising between the parties and therefore most projects can benefit from the availability of some neutral source of outside advice, throughout the course of the project, to whom the parties can

12 Feb 2018

The Importance of Works Information

by Mark Woodward-Smith, Group Managing Director - UK, Europe and Americas -

"The Importance of Works Information" Introduction This article considers the importance of Works Information in NEC3 Engineering and Construction Contracts, in particular: What it is How it differs from Site Information How it can be changed How it is affected by the design process, and The implications of not complying with it Whilst it should

26 Jan 2018

Cash is King

by Mark Woodward-Smith, Group Managing Director - UK, Europe and Americas -

“Cash is King” The construction industry is credit-heavy and complex, and this is a very dangerous combination that often leads to you neither getting paid on time nor what you deserve. With most of the work and/or materials being furnished on credit, coupled with a long and convoluted chain from the client sponsoring a project

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